A team building experience with lots of colors, drawings and canvas: this is Art Connection! iVascular, a technological company, was planning its “Sant iVascular”, their annual party, to celebrate good teamwork, foster team relationships and cohesion. A good opportunity to get to know colleagues from another perspective and simply, but most important, have fun together and enjoy quality time with team mates.

The Amfivia team suggested, due to the characteristics of the day, an Art Conncetion team building experience at the venue Mas Can Riera, a beautiful, charming farmhouse built in the 13th Century with beautiful views to the forest and the open nature. We organized the experience at the cozy gardens of the farmhouse, under a shiny blue sky. The 150 participants were challenged to reproduce a Picasso masterpiece to huge dimensions, divided in teams that were responsible for every section of the original piece. After a short briefing on Picasso and the art and culture of his time, the group was given short recommendations on how to proceed. By their own and in small teams, participants started sketching, drawing and painting their corresponding piece of the picture.

Once the time was over, all pieces were united in order to create, again, the masterpiece. All 150 participants could see through their own eyes how important -and beautiful! teamwork can be. The event finished with a delicious summer lunch. Well done, artists of iVascular!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Art Connection
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Mas Can Riera (Barcelona)
  • 150pax

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