The UAB, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, asked us to design a personalized team experience for a group of lucky 40 researchers that were starting a 3 years scholarship. The participants came from from different areas of investigation, from bio engineering to neuro technology, and UAB wanted to offer them a challenging experience to get to know each other and collaborate to reach a common goal.

From the many options we proposed, the university chose one of our more challenging teambuilding activities of construction: One Bridge for All. Reasearchers had to collaborate as a team in order to design, create and synchronise a bridge made out of basic and limited materials.The goal is that a remote control car crosses the construction in time established at the beginning of the activitiy.

The group innovated during the design phase and showed all its potential creating new shapes and building processes that we had never seen before. Last but not least, they managed to complete the challenge on time and demonstrated that they could team work efficiently even if coming from so different backgrounds. After the activity a debriefing session was organised in order to transpose these learnings to their investigation projects. We hope the experience will contribute to their success! Guys, good luck and welcome to Barcelona!

Key Facts

  • Team workshop
  • Team building: Construction challenge
  • Theme: Collaborative
  • Place: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
  • 30pax

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