On the 4th of July Amfivia had the pleasure to organize another team building experience: the construction challenge One Bridge for All. The 30 participants had the unusual opportunity to build a bridge made out of basic material. But it didn’t stop there. The goal was that a remote control car could cross, under a certain time frame, the bridge from one point to another. An adequate design, synchronisation and implementation were indispensable to succeed this unique challenge. And our participants made it! This all thanks to the motivated participants who not only showed innovation spirit but also team collaboration. This great day ended watching the remote control car making his way over the ramp and everyone happily applauding. Well done everyone!

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Construction challenge
  • Theme: Collaborative
  • Place: Espai Sol i Vida (Barcelona)
  • 30pax

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