For the second year running, we were asked to come up with a collaborative team building activity for the students of a business university and this time we undertook the One Bridge for All team building experience in the Melia Hotel in Sitges, 40mn away from Barcelona.

After our facilitator started the proceedings with an introduction and activity overview. It was over to the teams to see if they could build the sections and successfully join together in a continuous line the bridge in order to support the remote-controlled car that had to pass from one end to the other.

Even if you’re not successful in the task at hand, valuable lessons can be learned through the process itself. Putting theory into practise is not always a simple as it sounds!

Key Facts

  • University experience
  • Teambuilding: One Bridge for All
  • Theme: Half day activity
  • Place: Sitges
  • 120 pax

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