And again we left the city of Barcelona behind to enjoy beautiful landscapes and inspiring surroundings. Only one hour away from the city centre lies the Via Ferrata Baumes Corcades, a protected climbing route lying in the beautiful Natural Park Serra del Montsant. A nature friendly, challenging and impressive team experience to enjoy personally and as a group. We were briefed about the needs of the team and we assessed and proposed a tailor-made, powerful outdoor experience not only to fulfill the requirements, but also to empower each member of the team.

After a detailed briefing of the activity, our head of production and certified guide Joan Carles instructed and supported this group of 14 along the way, that includes a breathtaking Tibetan bridge of 70m. Of course, nobody was required to do any of the tracks: nevertheless, at the end, everyone joined and went for it, helping each other in the difficult moments and pushing the group when needed. After the Via Ferrata, a fresh, organic picnic with coffee and tea was served in the middle of the nature to share impressions and enjoy the feeling of having experienced something powerful together. This was only the beginning of their outdoor annual offsite.

Key Facts

  • Incentive
  • Teambuilding: Via Ferrata
  • Theme: Full day activity
  • Place: Les Baumes Corcades, Centelles
  • 14pax

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